Wecome to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Vikas Vidyalaya

The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan stands for the re-integration of Indian Culture and re-vitalization of Dharma in its three-fold form of Truth, Love and Beauty. SATHYAM, SHIVAM, SUNDARAM

Aims, Objectives and Philosophy - Kulapati Munshiji's vision of education based on fundamental values is the aim & objective of all Bhavan's institutions.

Ideal education should impart knowledge, shape the character, and mould the personality of the child; it should assist hi in imbibing and assimilating the social, moral, ethical, and spiritual values so necessary for the development of an attitude of service. Effective education should help in transforming the child into what our Shastras describe as "Puranapurasha".

Purpose of Education - "Education would fail ignominiously in its objective, if it manufactured only a robot and called him an economic man accenting the adjective economic and forgetting the substantive man. A university cannot afford to ignore the cultural aspects of education, whatever studies it specializes in. Science is a means, not an end, whereas culture is an end in itself. Even though you may ultimately become a scientist, a doctor, or an engineer, you must, while in college, absorb fundamental values which will make you a man of culture. An engineer has not merely to build bridges; he has to be a devoted husband, a kind of father, a friendly neighbor, a dutiful citizen, and a man true to himself. He will have trials and tribulations; his heart will fail him at times; he will then need the strength which true culture alone can give."


Std I to V: There will be 2 mid term evaluations and 2 terminal examinations in each term in an academic year. Std VI to VIII: The evaluation system consists of 2 terms. Term 1 and Term 2. Term 1 - 20 marks internal assessment + 80 marks half yearly...

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Out of 42 students who appeared the AISSE March 2016, 23 of them scored A1 in all subjects.
The analysis report of Bhavan's Shikshan Bharathi states that out of the 64 Bhavans schools throughout India, our school stands on sixth position with average CGPA of 9.57

Subjectwise analysis report (Among 64 Bhavans schools)

Malayalam/Sanskrit - Ist position - avg CGPA 9.81
Social Science - 3rd position - avg CGPA 9.81
Science - 5th position - avg CGPA 9.45
Maths - 7th position - avg CGPA 9.29
English - 12th position - avg CGPA 9.67

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Orientation Class to Teac
Orientation class to teachers by Sri. Ajith Koladi, a well-known trainer and the Kendra committee member of Bhavan's Vikas Vidyalaya.
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