Bhavans Kindergarten section under Bhavans, Ponnani Kendra, Nadakkavu, Kaladi, Ponnani.

Our pre-Primary classes inculcates the thirst of knowledge in the child, develops a sense of order natural functional creativity, least self confidence and most importantly brings a sense of independence.

In our KG classes the child is helped to perfect the art of learning with the help of natural tools and devices available to them.

Care, love and attention along with a proper learning environment are crucial to help the child learn. After all children are individual who differ from each other and must be respected.

We provide them with a fun and save learning environment that is vital and the purpose of preprimary education aims in achieving the same.

Children learn through a wide range of  engaging activities  such as storytelling , role  play, play and learn, art and culture,  sensory game and outdoor learning.

Co-curricular programs include physical education, art, music, dance, cultural fest etc. We celebrate special days like children’s day Independence day, Onam, X-Mas etc.